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Mardi Gras costumes and accessories

Mardi Gras 2015 is on Tuesday, February 17. Get the party started with these Mardi Gras costumes and accessories. Here is a selection of Mardi Gras masks and costumes, for adults and kids alike. Let them boast their celebratory colors of purple, green and gold, and get an additional 15 percent off. BuyCostumes is also offering […]

Ruthless Pirate Adult Men's Costume

Ruthless Pirate Men’s Costume

Pirates of the Caribbean film series made the Pirate themed costumes extremely popular. Nobody can go wrong with this Ruthless Pirate Costume. Make a splash and look rogue at the Halloween party. This ruthless pirate costume comes in men’s sizes medium, large and extra large as well as men’s plus sizes.


Mime Halloween Costumes

Several easy steps to make Halloween Mime costume with simple clothes and little makeup Mime Halloween costume is suitable for both adults and kids. Not only is the Mime Halloween costume easy to make but also it is versatile and easy to combine with hat and shoes and accessorize. Making pantomime costume is easy, it […]

Girls Animal Costumes

Halloween is coming closer and it’s about time to begin preparing for the party, select the costume, makeup, and accessories. It is hard to pick what to wear on Halloween night party, as all the girls want to be original and look cute at the same time. What about some special animal costumes? Kids have […]


Finding Clearance Halloween Costumes

Clearance Halloween Costumes for kids and adults, clearance props, clearance decorations. If you look for clearance or sale Halloween costumes the right time to do it is right before the holiday, the prices drop during the week of Halloween itself. As you maybe guess these clearance costumes are not outdated or undesirable. In most cases […]